The DVRC is committed to educating the community regarding all things related to saltwater aquariums including corals and coral propagation, fish, and good animal husbandry skills.

Current eductional projects include:

NJAAS: The DVRC currently maintains a 180 gallon reef system within the New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences.  The NJAAS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the understanding, appreciation, and protection of aquatic life and habitats through research, education, and youth development programs.  In addition to maintaining the system, members of the Delaware Valley Reef Club will occasionally speak to classes and various programs that take place in the facility.

Tanks in Schools Program: The Coatesville School District will be the first to pilot this program.  The program will be built upon a foundation of good husbandry skills with a general marine education core.

Local Hospital: Along with “Living Color Aquariums,” and the show “Fish Tank Kings,” the DVRC will be spearheading a project to install a 750 gallon display aquarium in a regional hospital.

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