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Quality Marine Order Is Her On 5/28/2015

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#1 Coral Reef and Frags

Coral Reef and Frags


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Posted 28 May 2015 - 03:18 PM

Ok Reef Rockers. This is a GOOD ONE! Pictured today's Facebook post is THE highlight of today's Quality Marine Order...Some RAINBOW Ricordia Yumas!!!


Even as good as they look in the pics...they are SO much better in person. I'll be fragging these into individual polyps!

Here's what came in today (5/28/2015)!!

Passer Angel - 3.5" Adult
Coral Beauty Angels - MAC Certified
Yellow Breasted Red Male Lyretail Anthias
Fiji Female Lyretail Anthias
Royal Gramma Basslet
Lantern Basslet
Midas Blenny
White Blennies
Pajama Cardinals
Black Ocellaris Clowns - Aquacultured
Green Mandarins - MAC Certified
Pink Spotted Watchman Goby
Yellow Watchman Gobies - Including a PAIR
Yellow Clown Gobies
Purple Firefish
Blue Dot Jawfish - $85 Special
Diamond Watchman Gobies - Steve H!
Yellow Eye Kole Tangs
Blue Hippo Tangs
Yellow Tangs
Huma Huma Picasso Trigger
Yellow Coris Wrasses
Common Cleaner Wrasses
Pinstriped Melanurus Wrasse
Orange/Red Eye Echinata
Dragon Soul Reverse Prism Favia - HUGE, Can Frag!
Pink Watermelon Chalice
Red/Pink Symphyllia (Dented Brain) - AMAZING
Neon Green Cat's Paw Coral
Ultra Colored Zoas - Neon Green Rims, multi color centers
Rainbow Ricordia Yuma Rock
Astrea Snails
Nassarius Snails
Trochus Snails
Peppermint Shrimps
Chocolate Chip Starfishes

See Everyone Soon!!

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